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As a custom shop, our business thrives on bringing your ideas to life. We can embroider shirts, sashes, hats, or bags. We can etch into a variety of metals to give you custom tools, knives, tumblers, or flasks. We have a laser engraver that allows us to engrave on a variety of surfaces like stone, leather, glass, wood, cork and more. We offer glass sandblasting to make unique mirrors, windows, or decor. Sometimes your inspiration comes from a low resolution picture or clipart. Or from a colorful image you need in black and white. We can recreate most images and logos so they translate well to a variety of items for business or family gatherings. And we're always ready to hear a new idea, so let us know what you're looking for and we'll see if we can make it happen!



We can embroider words and pictures, including your custom image, onto a variety of items. We also do appliques! Price is based on complexity and size of your design.

graphic remaster ex.png


Want to put your company logo on promotional items or company gifts? We can help. We can recreate logos for etching, embroidery, and vinyl work to put nearly any image on a wide variety of items. Price is based on time, which usually means complexity.

3d prints_edited.jpg


We now offer PLA 3D print services. We have a large assortment of colors on hand with more available to order. Our printer can build up to 9"x5.9"x5.5" (230x150x140 mm). Just send us a file or link! Price is based on time and weight. 

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We can etch into many different metals as long as they are not electrically coated, like anodized or galvanized. Price is based on the size of your design. Contact us for details or with other questions. 

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We have many kinds of vinyls to provide window graphics, skins for personal electonics, indoor wall decals, and more in virtually every color of the rainbow. Price is based on size.



With our laser engraver we can put your ideas on wood, metal, ceramic, and even more. Price is based on time.



We can also sandblast glass or mirrors to accent a room or give a unique personal gift. Sandblasted areas have the classic frosted look. Price is based on size.

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